Kt Kingtronics Share Your Burden Through Busy Time Around Christmas & New Year Holidays

We will have 3 days off on 25th~26th December and Jan.1st, please kindly note.
How will you spend your time through the upcoming holidays ?

Meanwhile, it means tough busy time before the holidays, right ?
Kingtronics team is here with you and willing to help share your burden !

Please don’t hesitate to contact if any further request for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors and Diode Rectifiers.

Radial Aluminum Elec. Capacitors
Axial Aluminum Elec. Capacitors
SMD Aluminum Elec. Capacitors
Snap-in Aluminum Elec. Capacitors
Lug Aluminum Elec. Capacitors
Screw Aluminum Elec. Capacitors

General Rectifier Diodes
Fast Recovery Rectifiers
High Efficient Rectifiers
Ultra-Fast Recovery Rectifiers
Transient Voltage Suppressors
Schottky Barrier Rectifiers
Switching Diodes
Zener Diodes
Small Signal Transistors
Bridge Rectifiers

Kt Kingtronics Wishes All Customers a Happy and Prosperous Rat Year 2020

On behalf of Kingtronics all staff, wishes all customers a happy and prosperous Rat year 2020.
Our sales office continues the service, only closes on Jan.25th-28th 2020.
Your any requirements will still be proceeded in high efficiency.
Following goods L/T can meet your urgent demands, feel free to check with our sales.

M7       about 1-3weeks for less than 500Kpcs, about4-6 weeks  for above 500Kpcs
KKT-smd trimmer capacitor               about 1-4 weeks 
MKT-radial multilayer ceramic capacitor, AKT-axial mlcc multilayer ceramic capacitor        about 3weeks
RKT-3362  trimpot                 about 2-4weeks
RKT-3266 trimpot                about 3-4weeks for less than 20Kpcs
Snap-in aluminum electrolytic capacitor                 about 3-4weeks

Kt Kingtronics Summarizes Global Key Player – Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

The research has shown, “The aluminum electrolytic capacitor market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 2.05% to reach US$6.894 billion by 2023, from US$6.105 billion in 2017.”

Nowadays, people strives for more conveniences and better innovations in new technology. 
Behind the scenes, do you know Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor plays an important role in our daily life? 
Across a wide variety of industries, it could be counted as the most widely used capacitors.

Applications such as the fast-growing market of automotive, highly-demanded consumer devices, energy and power, etc.

Kingtronics offers fine quality for Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor, and is able to support with an urgent 5-9 weeks lead time.

Official website: http://www.ecap.hk/ 
For inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact: info@kingtronics.com

Kt Kingtronics New Year Greeting and Your Better Option of Diode and Bridge

Happy New year!!

Dear valued customer, Kingtronics team wish you and your family healthy and prosperous throughout the new year 2020. We will keep improving better service to follow up your company business.

If you have any inquiry or suggestion, welcome feel free to contact us. Wish we can grow up business together and have an abundant harvest year. ^-^

Kindly please remind our factory will begin Chinese new year holidays at the middle of January, at least 2 weeks. Our production line are very tight and kindly remind that our factory will begin two weeks Chinese New Year holidays at the middle of January. Therefore, don’ be hesitate to send us any inquiry and advise forecast earlier, so that we can prepare and proceed your case.

Are you looking for a competitive product as a great beginning of 2020?

Diode and Bridge would be a good option, Following Diode and Bridge Rectifier could be used in lighting production, Kingtronics always maintain the high quality, excellent price and efficient lead time.

Welcome share your inquiry with us for further best quotation.

Kingtronics P/NPackagePackingSpq
1N4007DO-41Ammo/ Bulk5kpcs/ Ammo
FR107DO-41Ammo/ Bulk5kpcs/ Ammo
BAS21 SOT-23T&R3kpcs/Reel
Bridge Rectifier   

Kingtronics High RF Power BKT Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Excellent high-Q, high RF power, surface mount MLCC RF Ceramic Capacitors from Kingtronics BKT series are characterized with low ESR and dissipation factor at high frequencies.

They are suitable for high power applications where minimal power loss and very low self-heating is demanded. BKT series includes applications such as telecomm equipment, MRI coils, plasma generators, lasers and other medical, military and industrial electronics.

Kt Kingtronics helps your New Year order plan — Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – Snap-in Type

New year 2020 is coming, Kingtronics sales team sincerely look forward to working with you together for more business opportunities in the new year.

Remind you that we will have the Chinese New Year holiday at the end of January, please take the time to place order in early January. Let us arrange production in advance to meet your expected delivery date.

Kingtronics Snap-in ECAP can make replacement for following Brand with more excellent price, lead time around 3-4 weeks!

Welcome share your inquiry with us for further best quotation.

Kingtronics Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Factory: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEPG2WRuHsk

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – Snap-in Type

Kingtronics P/NCharacteristicEPCOSPanasonicNichicon
GKT-SS85°C 2000HrB41231/ B43510/ B43520TS-UQ/ T-UPLS/LG
85°C 3000HrB43511/ B43521  
GKT-ST105°C 2000HrB41252/ B43504/ B43515TS-MD/ TS-HCGG/GL/AK/AQ
GKT-SC85°C 5000HrB43501/ B43540  

Kingtronics–Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Thankfulness & Blessings to all our valued customers in Warm holiday season

Christmas is coming, wish you have a warm & joyful time with all your love ones.

Pls note Kingtronics will be closed on 25th-26th Dec., and 1st Jan., 2020.

Many thanks for all our valued customers support toward us in 2019.

We look forward to the prosperous year 2020, and wish your company the success that it deserves.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !

Kingtronics Offer RF Microwave / High Q BKT Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC

Kingtronics supplies quality multilayer ceramic capacitors made with high-purity ceramics. We promote miniaturization, higher capacitance and higher function with a wide range of products that are suitable for diverse applications. SMD BKT Series capacitance range from 0.1pF to 6800pF


-High Q high value, low ESR, high reliability
-low loss, high capacitance stability, and working frequency up to 3GHz
-Serialized in size, suitable for surface-mounted elements in hybrid integrated circuits and printed circuits
-Applicable for HF circuits, VHF-microwave circuits, RF circuits and amplifier circuits in various devices