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RKT-3296 3/8″ (9 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3386 3/8″ (9 mm) Square Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3006 3/4″ (19 mm) Rectangular Trimming Potentiometer

RKT-C3305 Trimming Potentiometer-3mm SMD
RKT-065 Phenolic Consumer Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3313 3mm Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potentiometer
RKT-3224 4mm Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potentiometer



Kt Kingtronics The Customs of The Ching Ming Festival——清明节的习俗

The custom of the qingming festival is rich interesting, in addition to pay attention to the fire, the grave, and outing, swing, a game called cuju, play polo, inserted liu and so on a series of customs sports activities. This is because tomb-sweeping day to people from the fire, in order to prevent a cold buffet injury body, so everyone to take part in some of the sports activities, and to exercise.   Therefore, this festival both JiSao new born from the grave don’t dead Bei Suan tears, and visit outing laughter, is a rich characteristic holiday
清明节的习俗是丰富有趣的,除了讲究禁火、扫墓,还有踏青、荡秋千、蹴鞠、打马球、插 柳等一系列风俗体育活动。相传这是因为清明节要寒食禁火,为了防止寒食冷餐伤身,所以大家来参加一些体育活动,以锻炼身体。因此,这个节日中既有祭扫新坟 生别死离的悲酸泪,又有踏青游玩的欢笑声,是一个富有特色的节日。

But, as a clear festival, and pure solar termand different. Solar term is our country phenology, seasonal change of the order of symbol, and the festival is contains certain custom of commemoration.   但是,清明作为节日,与纯粹的节气又有所不同。节气是我国物候变化、时令顺序的标志,而节日则包含着一定的风俗活动和某种纪念意义。

Ching Ming festival is a traditional Chinese festival, is also the most important sacrifice holiday, is the day of worship their ancestors and the grave. The grave commonly known as ShangFen,the sacrifices of the dead an activity. The han nationality and some minority are mostly in the ching Ming festival the grave.

According to the old tradition, the grave, people to carry goods such as especially fruit, paper money to the cemetery ,will be food for offering in the tomb of loved ones, then the dead incineration, grave earthed up new soil, fold a few branches of the 60-footgreen inserted in a grave, and then KouTou worship salute, finally eat especially home.   The poets in tang dynasty DuMu poem ‘painting’ :’time. though rain in succession, pedestrian rains fall heavily as qingming comes JieWen restaurant where you have. The most ambitious almond flowers? Village.’ Write the tomb-sweeping day special atmosphere.
按照旧的习俗,扫墓时,人们要携带酒食果品、纸钱等物品到墓地,将食物供祭在亲人墓前,再将纸钱焚化,为坟墓培上新土,折几枝嫩绿的新枝插在坟上,然后叩头 行礼祭拜,最后吃掉酒食回家。   唐代诗人杜牧的诗《清明》:“清明时节雨纷纷,路上行人欲断魂。借问酒家何处有?牧童遥指杏花村。”写出了清明节的特殊气氛。

This is our country ancient qing ming festival customs.

Swing, meaning clench leather string and migration. Its history is very old, and the first call century, in order to avoid after taboo, to swing. Swing of the old tree YaZhi multi-purpose for frame, then switch to make the ribbons.

Then gradually developed for use two rope and pedal swing. Play not only improves the health swing, and can cultivate the brave spirit, unit now is people, especially children’s favorite.

【Game called cuju——蹴鞠】
A ball is bowed, ball with leather skin made, the ball inside with wool plugged. A game called cuju, which is with enough to play football.

This is ancient tomb-sweeping day’s favorite when a game. Legend has it that the invention of the yellow emperor, original purpose is used to train warrior.

【Outing——踏青】   And that spring outing.  又叫春游。
That old TanChun, XunChun, etc. During march, spring warms the earth, nature become a vibrant picture everywhere, it is the good old days for an outing.

Our country folk to keep for a long time the habit of clear outing.

Clarity around, ChunYang ZhaoLin, ChunYangZhaoLin, spring rain FeiSa, planting trees survival rate high, grow fast. Therefore, since the ancient times, our country is clear the habit of plantingtrees.   清明前后,春阳照临,春阳照临,春雨飞洒,种植树苗成活率高,成长快。因此,自古以来,我国就有清明植树的习惯。

There are some called the qingming festival ‘Arbor Day’. Planting trees customs has been spread until now.

In 1979, the National People’s Congress standing committee regulations, 12 March each year for our country Arbor Day. The mobilization of the people of all ethnic groups inmotherland green actively carry out activities, has the extremely vital significance.

【Flya kite——放风筝】   Qing ming day is enjoyed by people of activities. Every qing ming day, people not only BaiTianFang, also put on at night. The night wind or stability in kite hung astring of arrows color small lanterns, like the shining stars, called ‘the absolute being light’.

In the past, some people put a kite the blue sky, then cut matchmaking, let the wind put them sent to the ends of the world, itis said that this can except disease disaster, bring you good luck.


Kt Kingtronics Closes on Mar.30th-Apr. 02nd for Easter, Apr. 05th for Tomb Sweeping Day.

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Kingtronics closes on Mar.30th-Apr. 02nd for Easter, Apr. 05th for Tomb Sweeping Day.  

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Kingtronics DIP and SMD Tactile (Tact) Switches

Do you need any switches ?
Kingtronics can offer competitive DIP and SMD Tact Switches, which include Horizontal with bracket tact switch, DIP tact switch, 2 Pin DIP tact switch, SMD surface mounted tact switch, DIP with ground terminal tact switch.
They can be widely used in instrumentation, industrial controls, communications equipment, computers, security systems, appliances, automotive, audio/visual and pagers.

Please check our website for more details.

Tact Switches – DIP Type
Kingtronics P/N Operating Force Operating Life Cycles Full Travel
WKTA1060060C 1.6±0.5N 80000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTA1045045A 1.0±0.3N,1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N 40000, 50000, 60000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTA2060060E 1.0±0.3N,1.6±0.5N 100000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTA1060060A 1.0±0.3N,1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N 60000, 80000, 100000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTA1060060E 1.0±0.3N,1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N 60000, 80000, 100000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTZ6060060A 2.6±0.5N 100000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTR1072068A 2.0±0.5N 500000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTR3060060A 2.6±0.5N 500000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTS1020040E 1.8±0.5N 50000 0.15±0.05mm
WKTS1060060B 1.6±0.5N 100000 1.3±0.2mm
Tact Switches – SMD Type
Kingtronics P/N Operating Force Operating Life Cycles Full Travel
WKTS2040040D 1.6±0.3N 200000 0.15±0.1mm
WKTS1020040D 1.6±0.5N 200000 0.2±0.1mm
WKTS1030030D 1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N 30000, 40000, 50000 0.2±0.1mm
WKTS2030030D 1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N 30000, 40000, 50000 0.2±0.1mm
WKTS2020040D 2.3±0.3N 200000 0.15±0.05mm
WKTS2035060D 1.6±0.5N 50000 0.25±0..1mm
WKTS1035060D 1.6±0.5N 50000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTS1045045D 1.0±0.3N,1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N 80000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTS2050050D 2.6±0.5N 100000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTS1120120D 1.0±0.3N,1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N 50000, 80000, 100000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTS2060060D 1.0±0.3N,1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N 50000, 80000, 100000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTS9060060D 1.0±0.3N,1.6±0.5N,2.6±0.5N 50000, 80000, 100000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTS7060060D 2.6±0.5N 60000 0.25±0.1mm
WKTS4060060D 1.6±0.5N 80000 0.25±0.1mm


Kt Kingtronics Offers High Quality KKT SMD 3mm Chip Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor

Hope you can feel Spring as well as we do now, wish you have a beautiful and bright new week!

Kingtronics offers high quality KKT SMD 3mm Chip Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor at incredibly aggressive price. Would you like have a try?

Welcome find more details in the link:

And…Please feel free to contact with us! You can reach us by info@kingtronics.com or connecting with our sales !


Kt Kingtronics Axial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

It’s our pleasure to share with you our one more popluar production line for aluminum electrolytic capacitors: axial type. Hoping to serve your business better!

If you have any related demand, never feel hesitated to send your inquiries to us! ^^
To get more information via link:

GKT-AL 85°C 2000H Axial Aluminum Ele. Capacitors Low Leakage Features
 Low Leakage Current, 2 Rubber Type
 ISO/RoHS certified quality
 Long load life: 85℃ 2000 hours assured
 Operating temperature range: -40℃~+85℃
 Wide range capacitance: 3.3uF – 22000uF
 Voltage range :6.3 ~ 160 WV
 Various dimensions: 8*16mm ~ 25*53mm

GKT-AV 85°C 2000H Axial Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Standard Features
 Low Voltage, 2 Rubber Type
 ISO/RoHS certified quality
 Long load life: 85℃ 2000 hours assured
 Operating temperature range: -40℃~+85℃
 Wide range capacitance: 3.3uF – 22000uF
 Voltage range :6.3 ~ 160 WV
 Various dimensions: 8*16mm ~ 25*53mm


Kingtronics Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potentiometer– RKT-3313 & RKT-3224

Spring is coming, it is a prosperous season, wish all the same as every our valued customers business.

Kingtronics have good news to launch Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potentiometer to our oversea customers. — RKT-3313 & RKT-3224

Kindly please check below product datasheet and specification, sincerely looking forward for your inquiry.

RKT-3313 3mm Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potentiometer

.Multi-loop/Glass glaze/Seal
.Surface Mounted Trimming Potentiometer
.3mm Square
.Top adjust

RKT-3224 4mm Surface Mounted SMD Trimming Potentiometer

.Multi-loop/Glass glaze/Seal
.Surface Mounted Trimming Potentiometer
.4mm Square
.Top adjust