Kt Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors – Various Type, Common Usage and Wide Applications!

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

Various types :

1. AKT  — Axial multilayer meramic vapacitors
2. MKT — Radial multilayer ceramic capacitors
3. LKT — Chip multilayer ceramic capacitors (6.3V to 50V)
4. HKT — High Voltage chip mlcc capacitors (63VDC to 4000VDC)

Common usage:  

Temp range– X7R, NPO, Y5V
Voltage: 6.3V~4000V
Package—Bulk, Ammo, Tape & Reel

Wide Applications :

Power supplier
GSM & Cable Modem, Telephone, Mobile phones
Vacuum cleaner board
LED Lamp, LCD module
Intercom systems, Radio
Speed control, Remote control
Electronics Water meter
Receiving module
Mobile charger
Home appliances including air-conditioner, microwave , oven…etc

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More Useful Information About Kingtronics Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors Offer

1>Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are divided into three subfamilies by the type of electrolyte: · Non-Solid (liquid, wet) aluminum electrolytic capacitors  · Solid manganese dioxide aluminum electrolytic capacitors  · Solid polymer aluminium electrolytic capacitors.

Kingtronics-Kt-Aluminum-E-Cap-SMD (2).jpg

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors with non-solid electrolyte are available in different styles, see pictures above from left to right: · SMDs (V-chip) for surface mounting on printed circuit boards or substrates  · Radial lead terminals (single ended) for vertical mounting on printed circuit boards  · Axial lead terminals for horizontal THT mounting on printed circuit boards  · Radial pin terminals (snap-in) for power applications  · Large screw terminals for power applications

2>Production process:


3>Cathode &  Anode mark:


4>Electrolytic capacitors family tree:.