Kt Kingtronics Chinese New Year Holidays Forecast & KKT–Chip Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor

Good day dear valued customer, Kingtronics team wish you and your family healthy and prosperous throughout the new year 2018.

Kindly please remind our factory will begin Chinese new year holidays at the middle of February, at least 2 weeks. May we know if you have new inquiry or order request recently?
if you have future order plan and delivery schedule, kindly please advise us and confirm the order early, we will do best to proceed the case and catch up your lead time request.

In new year, our company will keep improving our production line support. Below is our product information of KKT–Chip Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor, welcome your inquiry.

Datasheet: http://www.kingtronics.com/pdf/KKT-SMD-3mm-Ceramic-Trimmer-Capacitor.pdf

**KKT SMD 3mm Chip Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor Features:

• Low capacitance drift
• High durability from vibration, dust, moisture and flux
• Color coded case permits easy identification
• Very good Q and high resonant frequency
• Designed for reflow soldering.
• Small size with external dimension of 3.2(W) x 4.5(L) x 1.5(T) mm

**KKT SMD 3mm Chip Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor Applications
• Remote Keyless Entry System,Measuring Instrument
• Car Alarm Remote Controller, Car Audio,Traffic Card Reader
• Security System,Wireless Microphone
• Cordless Phone,Wireless Repeater
• Two-Way Radio Communication (FRS, GMRS, LMR)

Kingtronics P/N KKT303TR KKT306TR KKT310TR KKT320TR KKT330TR
Capacitance 3pf 6pf 10pf 20pf 30pf
Color Black Blue Ivory Pink Green
Capacitance Drift(max) +/-2% +/-2% +/-2% +/-3% +/-3%
Temperature Coefficient (ppm/ °C  ) NPO +/-300 NPO +/-200 N600 +/-400 N900 +/-400 N1200 +/-400
DC working Voltage 100VDC
DC Withstanding Voltage 200VDC
Operating Temperature -25°C  ~85°C



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