Kt Kingtronics Manufacturing 3MM Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors Replace Murata TZC3

Ceramic Trimmer capacitors are variable capacitors. They are mounted directly on the PCB board with a provision to vary their value using a small screwdriver.The trimmer capacitors are serving the purpose of initial calibration of equipment during manufacturing or servicing and are not meant to be varied by the end user. It is used to remote keyless entry system, measuring instrument, security system and wireless microphone.

Murata Ceramic Trimmer Capacitors TZB4 and TZC3 series to be discontinued in 2019. As a competitor, Kingtronics KKT series can replace Murata TZC3 series. If you are looking for a TZB4 series ,we recommend that you change the devices size to fit KKT series because of there is no direct replacrment product in competitors.

Kingtronics KKT SMD 3mm Chip Ceramic Trimmer Capacitor Features:
1)Small size with external dimension of 3.2(W) x 4.5(L) x 1.5(T) mm.
2) Color coded case permits easy identification.
3) Heat resistant resin withstands reflow soldering temperatures.
4)Bulk and reel packaging are available.
Kingtronics corresponds to Murata products as follows:

Capacitance            (pF MAX)KingtronicsMurata
6pFKKT-306TR (Blue)TZC3Z060A110R00(Blue)
6pFKKT-306TR (Blue)TZC3Z060A110B00(Blue)
10pFKKT-310TR (Ivory)TZC3R100A110R00(White)
10pFKKT-310TR (Ivory)TZC3R100A110B00(White)
20pFKKT-320TR (Pink)TZC3P200A110R00(Red)
20pFKKT-320TR (Pink)TZC3P200A110B00(Red)
30pFKKT-330TR (Green)TZC3P300A110R00(Green)
30pFKKT-330TR (Green)TZC3P300A110B00(Green)


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